Technical Director at Terrible Posture Games

Professional Work

More images can be found at the Artstation link below.

3 out of 10: Season 1 and 2

Technical Director responsible for implementing core systems, tools, workflow, optimization, and lighting / style for the 3D environments.

The Manipulator Tools Plugin for UE4 was developed for this project and I have released them for free to use.


Environment & Technical Artist responsible for creating almost every mod-kit used for the levels along with deploying tools to help designers make levels faster. Various other gameplay elements and tools as well illustrated quickly in the video below.

Army Game Studio

Environment & Technical Artist on America’s Army Proving Grounds and various other Army related projects that are internal use only. These vary from training applications for military soldiers to other educational type projects. It was through these many projects that I was able to truly grow into the Technical Artist I am today.

38 Studios: Project Copernicus

Environment Artist responsible for creating environment assets, landscape painting, and optimization of 1000’s of in-game assets. Unfortunately, this game was never released.

The Machine

This was an environment I worked on as a way to keep my skills up to snuff in UDK. Took over 9 months of free time to create and you can look back at the progress here.

Student Reel

 I like keeping this here, because I think this demo reel was basically how I got so much attention after school and was able to get into the industry so fast (Plus a bit of luck )


 If you’d like to get a hold of me, please send me a DM on twitter or an email to chriszuko AT gmail.com