Chris Zukowski
Environment & Technical Artist

Blueprint, Maya, C++, Python, rocks, pipes, landscape, mod-kits, recyclo-bots, laughing like a maniac, and the occasional pun keep me motivated and moving forward doing what I love every single day. Please feel free to explore what I do and follow me on your favorite social media sites!



Recent Posts

New Website Using Divi Theme

You may have noticed by now that I have been dabbling with a new website the last few days. Let's go ahead and take a brief moment to reflect on the wonderful journey that is web shenanigans. This is my journey. I remember when it was literally a page that had...

Using Unreal 4.22’s Baked Spectral Analysis

Hi, welcome to the first post on my website. This is pretty rad woop! First off, what is Project Mix?  I've been exploring with an interactive node-based visual audio simulation in UE4 purely as a way to dive deep into the audio engine's potential and to try and get...