It has been 6 years now since the release of the very first version of zPipemaker. I’ve been actively maintaining it to make sure it’s functional on each new version of maya and I appreciate every one of you who has tried it out, bought it, loved it, or even questioned it’s existence. So, for a limited time, I am offering a 50% off coupon for anyone who is interested in zPipemaker Advanced that hasn’t yet bought it or just loves collecting digital download licenses.

I have used zPipemaker in many projects that I’ve worked on and for me, I have found it mostly useful for quick pipes or not even pipes at all. Some tools I’ve seen by very talented technical artists over the years have been incredibly complex and have had some seriously nice UX and feel. I have been looking at those as inspiration on where to go next.

Ideas for new zPipeMaybeNotJustPipesMASTER/Ultraspliner … v3.0

  • Spline based system. Not just anim deformers.
  • Rig-like adjustments for editing
  • Better scaling methods
  • Modifier based. Click a pipe and modify that pipe to get the desired control rig style you want for that segment.
  • Attachment based. Click on locator and then hit add pipe. Locators have to be special zPipemaker locators.. or else it will get annoying super fast.
  • Even DupCurve distribution over the spline curve.
  • Duplicate
  • Split
  • Attach
  • Replace
  • Tapering
  • Twising
  • Lattice Editing

Here is a bit of a tease of what could be the future!

Thanks for your patience! <3

Obviously, these are all ideas and not set in stone in any way shape or form. But, I just wanted to let anyone interested know where exactly the next version is headed and that there is in-fact another version in the works. I don’t have a timeline for finish but it is pretty much 2nd in line after the Custom Manipulator Plugin release for UE4. Thanks for your patience and enjoy the limited time 50% off coupon for zPipemaker Advanced. Oh and if you have anything cool you have made with zPipemaker, hit me up on twitter, facebook, or email with some stuff I can use to pimp out the new landing page. Happy piping! <3