Ue4 Manipulator Tools Plugin
The plugin that changes the way you manipulate blueprints

Have you ever made something cool with blueprint and then wanted to make it a little easier for someone else to use? Yea, me too, that is why I developed the manipulator tools plugin. It expands from the idea of the “Show 3D Widget” checkbox already in UE4 and allows you to edit Vectors, Transforms, Bools, and Enums all realtime visually each with their own display settings. This plugin is free and open source with an MIT License available for use in your commercial products! License can be found in the github repository.

Available Now!



Watch it in Action!

Here is a video of the main features of the plugin in action.

Select, display, and interact with the manipulators on any blueprint actor!

Here is another example which is showing off how far you can actually go to utilize them on a fully

functional editor rig!