Chris Zuko
Technical Director at Terrible Posture Games

Hi, my name is Chris Zukowski and prefer to be called Zuko for short! I have been in the game industry since 2011 starting out as an environment artist, so most of what I do has a solid art foundation. Since then, I’ve worked on a handful of released games, side projects, game jams, tools, and scripts. Blueprint, Maya, C++, Python, rocks, pipes, landscape, mod-kits, being nerdy, and the occasional pun keeps my job fun as I do what I love every single day.

Please feel free to explore what I do and follow me on your favorite social media sites! I am most active on twitter.


Recent Posts

Project Mix Current Progress!

Project Mix Current Progress!

In short, Project Mix is a visual node-based music creation game that is currently in early alpha stages. The goal is to allow people who want to make music the ability to do so real-time while those who just want to listen or have very minimal interaction can play...