Chris Zukowski
Environment & Technical Artist

Welcome! Blueprint, Maya, C++, Python, rocks, pipes, landscape, mod-kits, recyclo-bots, laughing like a maniac, and the occasional pun keep me motivated and moving forward doing what I love every single day. Please feel free to explore what I do and follow me on your favorite social media sites!



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First “15ADay” Finished Piece

First “15ADay” Finished Piece Timelapse of the whole thing. This is the first finished piece for the 15 minutes a day series. If you have no idea what that is please check out the post i did a week or so ago. This was a fun one and truly has shown a few...

15 Minutes a Day

15 Minutes a Day

Drawing picture from day 007 I am now 2 weeks into something I like to call "15 Minutes a Day". As a technical artist I find that I constantly have to remind myself to sit down and draw. This can be a struggle given the fact that it's too easy to say "No, I can't draw...