Previously, I talked through the entire process here to get to a demo video that was released about a year ago showing what I was calling at the time “Project Mix”. This has now turned into a full musical sandbox game that I am calling Mix Universe!

Link to that article.

What is Mix Universe?

A musical sandbox like no other where you connect nodes together to make a truly spectacular audio visual experience.

I started this thing with very simple beginnings and I am excited to talk about that more in-depth in the future. This post is mostly just to get things up to date here on my main site.

Mix Universe Early Playtest Release Trailer

Heading towards an early access launch!

I want to get this thing out there in early access so folks can enjoy it without worrying about features completely destroying everything they’ve made. Early access launch will allow this.

Mix Universe Early Access Teaser Trailer

Some fun screenshots

Thanks to everyone who has supported me along the way! I am excited for what the future may hold here and am glad to have made it this far in development!