Mix Universe Audio Examples and Resources

Unreal Audio Reactive Visual Techniques

Hello, welcome to the examples page which has links to the Unreal Project displaying many audio reactive techniques with Niagara, the Quartz Visual Plugin standalone, and the wave cutter script. These are all available free and I hope to expand this into a much nicer format in the future as I share with the community. If you find this useful, please check out Mix Universe on Steam which uses it all in a really cool musical sandbox experience.

The Audio Example Project (Unreal 5.1)

Spectrum visual examples included in the audio example project.
Quartz Examples included in the audio example project.

Here’s what is included!

Quartz Visual Plugin

  • Allows simple queuing up of visuals that are synced up to quartz.

Quartz Stable Example Level

  • A quartz queued example setup with 8th note quantization and an example of 32nd not quantization for testing purposes.

Quartz Visual Example Level

  • Showing different methods for visualizing the current musical data via quarts.

Spectrum Visual Example Level

  • Basic setup with spawning 1000’s of particles
  • Controlled usage with 100 particles
  • Spectral Data Directly To Render Target for use in materials

Complex Prodedural Metasound Session Examples

  • The first and second session for trying out MetaSounds that are 100% procedural are also included.

The Quartz Visuals Plugin (Standalone)

This plugin is open source! Maybe one day Epic will integrate something like this directly into quartz. For now, this does the trick for queuing up beat synchronized visual pulses that can interpolate using curves.

The C# Wave Splitter Script

This script you can use to drag and drop any wav file onto in order to quickly split it into multiple wav files. This was developed originally by https://twitter.com/JoostDevBlog be sure to check out Robo Maestro as well.

The Github Pull Request for adding Constant Q to Audio Synesthesia Realtime FFT Analyzer.

The presentation slides from GDC

If you want the full slides from my GDC talk, you can download them here!
If you have vault access, you can also watch the presentation here.

The Future.

If there are things you would like to see on this page, please comment them below and I can expand the projects to include certain things. This is all done in my free time, so I appreciate any support either through gumroad or Mix Universe.