This is the second piece I’ve finished on day 017 in my 15 minutes a day journey. If you have no idea what that is please check out this post.

Each time I finish a piece I am naturally left to reflect on what I could improve during this process. Here is where my head is at right now.

  • Instagram posts are working pretty nicely. I think instagram is built really well for this.
  • Twitter has 1 or 2 days that seem to stand out, so it might be best to try and keep only released stuff like this post on twitter.
  • Facebook can just take literally everything
  • Youtube … the videos are flood filling my youtube account.. and I don’t think i like that. So my current thinking is to take the current smaller video format and condense the entire piece into a longer video that you can watch from A-B that has a bit more story than the timelapse. I like being able to share some of the thought process as I move forward so I think this will get better and better the more and more I talk through what I am actually doing. Slowly but surely… so you can expect that I will delete or unlist almost every daily type video on youtube and keep the posts to only released content. I think this is best moving forward to keep people interested and actually give them a chance to watch through something. Can you tell this has been bugging me?

So, I think overall that is my current thinking and the overall goal still remains the same just with a few tweaks to how I go about showing the journey and progress.

Have a great day! <3