Mix Universe: Playtest Update 3

Mix Universe: Playtest Update 3

Mix Universe is still trucking along! You can check out the Mix Universe website for more details on the game!

What’s new and what is fixed?

  • Patterns are upgraded now to allow them to chain when they aren’t set to looping.
  • Patterns more clearly have start and end points indicated by spherical nodes that you can connect to for activation.
  • Patterns now have randomization controls to allow for mixes to have much more variety
  • All Nodes can adjust their height using Q and E which allows for a lot more visual flexibility when laying out mixes.
  • New Rock Visualizer Node – Similar to the planet node, instead its a rock.
  • New End Point Node – Stops the mix and shows stats on it.
  • Every Mix now has an “Origin” layer which you can access in the lower left section of the edit panel. This layer controls which layers 1-6 are activated by default at the start of the mix.
  • Layer Switchers now show visually which layer they are set to switch to.
  • Headbob’s character model has been updated.
  • The default space theme’s lighting and fog has been updated and particles for the main atmosphere have been fixed.
  • Multi-Edit double click functionality has been added for Samples, Modulators, Link Duration, Note Duration, Note Octave, and Note Value.
  • Onscreen UI limit has been increased from 10 to 32 to allow for up to 32 nodes to edit at once.
  • Simple edit mode has been added which displays a much simpler “Selected” UI.
  • Added mix history when mixes are uploaded to the store, now if someone is to save a mix off of someone elses mix, we can see where the original mix came from and who made it.
  • Added a profile name you can change in the options menu if you don’t want to use your steam name for artist info on mixes.
  • Added a mix artist overlay which shows title and artist names.
  • Improved CPU performance when it comes to elements in the scene, still have a ways to go though for much mega mixes.
  • Fixed issues with UI’s getting stuck during complex edits or longer mix sessions.

Not too much longer now!

I will be gearing up for an early access launch February 2023. This means that the playtest will be closed to any new players automatically in 2 weeks! Please jump in now if you wanna give feedback. Otherwise, I’ll see you on early access launch day (To be announced)

Shoutout to the community so far! Here are some cool mixes that players have made so far!