Chris Zuko
Technical Director at Terrible Posture Games

Hi, my name is Chris Zukowski and prefer to be called Zuko for short! I have been in the game industry since 2011 starting out as an environment artist, so most of what I do has a solid art foundation. Since then, I’ve worked on a handful of released games, side projects, game jams, tools, and scripts. Blueprint, Maya, C++, Python, rocks, pipes, landscape, mod-kits, being nerdy, and the occasional pun keeps my job fun as I do what I love every single day.

Please feel free to explore what I do and follow me on your favorite social media sites! I am most active on twitter.


Recent Posts

Mix Universe: Playtest Update 3

Mix Universe: Playtest Update 3

Mix Universe is still trucking along! You can check out the Mix Universe website for more details on the game! What's new and what is fixed? Patterns are upgraded now to allow them to chain when they aren't set to looping....