Project Mix Current Progress!

Project Mix Current Progress!

In short, Project Mix is a visual node-based music creation game that is currently in early alpha stages. The goal is to allow people who want to make music the ability to do so real-time while those who just want to listen or have very minimal interaction can play with mixes that others create. Think of it like Little Big Planet’s Edit mode vs Play Mode.

Where it started.

Really it was just a simple question that sparked this entire idea. Can nodes connect to other nodes to create sound in a fun way? Walking down this path has lead me on an incredible journey so far.

Very first proof of concept

First Pre-Alpha Composition

Composition made showing sequence nodes

Where it is as of July 2021

Timing, Features, and refining of the base visuals.

I already went over a ton of this stuff in this blog post. Basically I had to nail down critical timing issues and the overall concept of how I’d like the nodes to actually connect to each other. Plus, it was time to create the bulk of the features. But here are some cliff notes.

Node FX
Dynamic Links
In-game interaction and movement
Pattern Nodes that have control over Volume, Pitch, and Transposition
Constant Q Spectral Data integration.
Showing spectral data in use from a zoomed out level too.
Layer switching

Ok! So if it looks good then why not release it now?

Well… 2 things, Licensing and User Experience. I have to make sure I cover my bases when it comes to having people share “Mixes” with each other using the game’s format. So I am currently working to secure licenses for sounds I would like to use in the game.

For user experience, I really want to have something that feels fun to edit. Right now its still quite a bit more complex than I’d like so I am honing in on some really cool ways to achieve this! Also, I’d like to integrate it to a workshop of some sort to help make things easier for players to share their creations with each other.

Future Plans

  • Sharing system
  • Basic Menus (Yanno know like loading and saving etc)
  • User Experience Upgrade allowing for easier editing and usability
  • Modulators (Will allow ways to adjust compositions in fun ways)
  • Oh yea… SOUNDS! Refining the actual sound library mix is going to use as I get permissions!

Experimental Plans

Project Mix Streaming edition

Something I have been dabbling with more and more is a randomized version of project mix that can generate its own melodies and beats to keep things interesting enough for anyone to hop in 24/7. This could also, in the future, cycle between other player’s creations endlessly which I think would be fantastic!

Potentially this idea could even be a “twitch plays music” type thing as well in which players can input commands via chat to tell project mix what to do! This is all just shooting in the air at the moment and really will change its priorities based on feedback and overall attention.

Thats it! Twitter is where I am the most active, so please lemme know what you think on there!

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