Chris Zukowski

America's Army: Proving Grounds

    America's Army: Proving Grounds has proven to be a great project to be able to continue to work on! I have been on it for the most part since I joined Army Game Studio in 2012. There are a ton of opportunities to learn and grow given how many responsibilities each person has to carry. I personally have become an integral part of the team consisting of 4 main environment artists and another 6 - 10 prop artists. I handled the landscape materials, texturing, and weight painting in each of the maps and a fair chunk of the level propagation. Usually, I'll take up the larger tasks like mountains, rocks, and buildings while others work on the smaller scale props in play-space that really make the scene feel alive. Then, when the level is done, I handled the planning and part of the execution process for optimization and performance testing to make sure each map runs smoothly. Lastly, I have been able to setup swappable meshes that actually explode and animate when a bomb goes off. So.. yea.. I have been able to get my hands in a ton of things which have done nothing but further my growth as an environment artist. It is a super fun project to be apart of!

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